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Here to know about this project

Project Overview: I successfully transformed a Figma design into a fully functional Shopify store using Liquid, bringing the vision of "Tandori" to life. This project demanded a seamless blend of design aesthetics and e-commerce functionality.

Key Accomplishments:

  1. Figma to Shopify Liquid Conversion:

    • Translated the intricate Figma design into Shopify Liquid templates with pixel-perfect precision.
    • Ensured impeccable responsiveness across various devices to deliver an exceptional user experience.
  2. Shopify Setup:

    • Established a Shopify store, meticulously configuring settings such as currency, taxes, and shipping.
    • Installed and configured essential Shopify apps to enhance store functionality.
  3. Theme Installation and Customization:

    • Handpicked a Shopify theme that harmonized seamlessly with the Figma design or meticulously customized an existing one.
    • Brought the Figma design to life within the chosen/customized theme using Liquid, ensuring every design element was faithfully represented.
  4. Product Integration:

    • Effortlessly added and configured products in accordance with the client's specifications.
    • Created intuitive product categories and collections to enhance user navigation.
  5. Checkout and Payment Integration:

    • Seamlessly integrated the Shopify checkout process, simplifying the purchasing journey for customers.
    • Incorporated preferred payment gateways to facilitate smooth transactions.
  6. Testing and Debugging:

    • Rigorously tested the website for functionality and responsiveness, leaving no room for errors.
    • Swiftly identified and resolved any issues during the testing phase.
  7. SEO Optimization:

    • Enhanced the website's visibility by optimizing SEO settings in Shopify.
    • Ensured that URLs, meta tags, and other SEO elements were strategically configured.
  8. Documentation:

    • Furnished comprehensive documentation outlining custom code and configurations in Shopify.
    • Crafted a user-friendly guide empowering the client to manage and update the website effortlessly.
  9. Training:

    • Provided client training, ensuring they were well-equipped to maintain their Shopify store independently.

Project Timeline: The project timeline was meticulously planned, accounting for the complexity of the design and feature implementation. Clear milestones and deadlines were established and met consistently.


  • Delivered a fully functional Shopify store that faithfully realized the Figma design.
  • Provided comprehensive documentation and user guides as specified.
  • Offered client training as needed.

Client Approval: Client feedback and approvals were diligently sought at key project milestones, ensuring their vision aligned seamlessly with the final product.

This project exemplifies my expertise in web development, Shopify, Liquid, and user-centered design. It's a testament to my commitment to delivering excellence and exceeding client expectations.

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Project information


Web design, Shopify Store 


$750 USD


September 1st, 2023