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Detailers Of The Round Table

Here to know about this project

This is Detailers Of The Round Table's website. They are an organization for detailers with a mission statement of: "Never assume malice when likely it can be contributed to incompetence. Everything you’re going through, millions are going through the same thing. Be a little more aware of people around you before you think others are against you. Your own thoughts can be your worst enemy and your saving grace. It’s your choice to choose the mind set you have. Be patient, be kind, be empathetic  and always make the act of giving your gift to yourself. That is where happiness dwells and unity begins. Together we can make a positive change!" We did a nice simple design with the Dawn them, and a custom logo slider at the bottom with a custom application contact form page as well.

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Project information


Web design, Shopify Store 


Logo Slider: $40USD
Application form page: $50USD


August 2nd, 2023