Tula Skincare

DTC probiotic skincare brand

Tula built a strong user connection with their skincare products. With a handful of those  enriched with f probiotics and superfoods, they are today consumers’ most-preferred skincare brand.

To weave a full e-commerce experience, they focus on delivering a ceaseless customer experience through clean and clear navigation and a simplified checkout process. To get deeper insights into what prompts the cart abandonment, they also urged for heat maps setup to create a more personalized brand experience.

On the frontend layer, Tula has dramatically brought creative visuals to their  users. Their rich product photography rapidly engages and influences everybody  to explore more. On top of that, , they continuously notify users about free shipping, discounts and limited editions s 一 a clever strategy to keep them  hooked, and increase their session time. To convert more through e-commerce selling, they utilize the subscription strategy, the buy-now-pay later option, and several discount offers for first-time responders. Tula is one of the best Shopify stores that built a huge consumer impact with customer reviews and the ‘take a skin quiz’ section on the home page.